Trying New Foods In The New Year

If there’s a better time to try new things than at the start of a new year, we sure can’t think of it! New Year’s is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. As the New Year rolls in, people love to make resolutions! While many resolutions revolve around cutting certain foods out, Every Kid Can Cook is challenging you to add in new foods instead. Read on to find out how you can participate in the New Year-New Food Challenge!

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A Sous Chefs Guide to Being a BIG Help in the Kitchen

Ask any grownup cook you know how he or she learned to cook. Most will tell you they began by spending time in the kitchen helping their parents or grandparents prepare different foods. By assisting adults with the preparation of various dishes in the kitchen, you’re picking up on their tips and tricks without even realizing it. You’re learning so much about cooking by just helping as a sous chef!

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Brrr! Five Freezer Friendly Snacks to Stock Your Kitchen With

When you’re feeling extra hungry and searching the kitchen for anything to quickly fill your belly, it’s easy to opt for junk food. While junk food seems like an easy fix to resolve your hunger pangs, and is certainly okay every once in awhile, it won’t do much for you energy wise. Sugary and processed foods don’t usually do the trick in curing our hunger. Solve this dilemma by keeping healthy and fueling snacks on hand, ready to grab out of the freezer. This will just take a bit of (fun) prep work! Spend an afternoon cooking with an adult so you can fill your kitchen with these freezer friendly snacks!

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