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Every 3rd Thursday | September - December 2020


#BossKidsCook – How We’re Teaching and Inspiring Through COVID-19
Although we love teaching about food, having fun with nutrition, and creating cooking videos, our ultimate goal is to help youth learn how to eat healthier and inspire their families and peers to do the same. The real fun happens when kids start cooking on their own. Although we’re currently unable to teach in person, we’re still working hard to create and inspire youth nutrition leaders! In response to COVID-19, we’ve developed a new program, #BossKidsCook. Learn more or join BossKidsCook..

Sharing is Caring.

We  Cultural Recipes

Cooking healthy is a skill that every kid can, and deserves, to learn. Help us empower and teach kids to cook using healthy foods they love. Share your recipes and videos using healthy foods you love.   

Our Program Focus Areas

Leadership Development

EKCC creates opportunities for youth to practice nutrition concepts and apply them in peer lead projects and classes.

Social & Emotional Learning

60% of the youth leaders in our program have shown improvements in behavior and social connections with their peers.

Real Life Nutrition Education

Our youth practice newly learned nutrition and leadership concepts using simple, affordable, and accessible ingredients.

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