Kid Ambassador Leadership Program

Kids that love to cook learn how to become culinary and nutrition leaders in their community.

National Healthy Kids Cook-Off

Kids and teens ages  3-17 from across the nation compete to win the title of the Healthiest Kid Chef in America!

Every Kid Can Cook Day

Host a cooking class using simple, affordable and allergy-free ingredients. For teachers and community partners.

Every Kid Can Cook Day

Join the nation’s largest annual kid cooking event dedicated to teaching kids how to cook healthy and understand the impact that nutrition has on emotional, social, physical and academic success!

Kid Ambassadors

Our Kid Ambassadors are changing the way kids and their parents think about nutrition and cooking. By providing hands-on culinary experiences and demonstrations they’ve each impacted over 600-800 kids each!

Scarlett Fenton

2018 Kid Ambassador, New Orleans

Maveric White

2018 Kid Ambassador, New Orleans

Naima Winston

2018 Kid Ambassador, Baltimore, Maryland

Kelsey Deleshaw

2018 National Healthy Kids Cook-Off Winner & Kid Ambassador, Food Network Contestant

Delivering Healthy Cooking Experiences to Over 18,000 kids!

We ♥ Cultural Recipes

Cooking healthy is a skill every kid deserves to learn. We empower and teach kids how to cook using healthy foods they love. Encouraging cultural creativity and being advocates food equity is what we do best!

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From culinary professionals and nutrition experts to passionate parents and teens, we have many opportunities for you to get involved in helping kids cook healthier and become leaders in their communities.