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#BossKidsCook is a nutrition education project that showcases kid-led recipes in efforts to help other kids cook and eat healthier. Our goal is to create future leaders through online cooking and nutrition education, inspiring them to eat and cook healthfully.


In summary, a #BossKidCook is a kid that cooks healthfully and teaches others how to do the same.

  1. Learning how to research nutrition facts and creating a recipe
  2. Creating a cooking video 
  3. Sharing their video and becoming a nutrition leader

We believe that all kids are leaders. We certainly know that they also eat! BossKidsCook was created to help kids become more aware of the ingredients in their food and help them make healthier choices. What better reward (and motivation) than to help them create their own cooking video and join the #BossKidsCook tribe.

That’s OK! We’re all nervous at some point, but getting over that fear, and feeling comfortable in their own skin is the beauty of being a Boss in the kitchen. Mistakes happen. We know that not all videos will be perfect, just affirm your child that as long as they know their recipe and share two nutrition facts, they’ll be fine. Bloopers are also somewhat enjoyable and funny! No need to be super serious either. After all, they are kids!  We just ask that the ingredients and recipe be tested and enjoyed before sharing with others.

No. Parents or adults 19 or older being present in the video will disqualify the video from being a #BossKidsCook video. However, your child is more than welcome to cook with a friend, sibling or other family member that is under the age of 18.

All kids that submit a video must hold up the #BossKidsCook INTRODUCTION sign in the beginning of the video.

They can use the optional #BossKidsCook NUTRITION TIPS sign if it will help them remember their tips.

10-30 seconds per tip is fair. These tips don’t need to be too in depth, but make sure they give enough information to share with other kids so they can be excited to cook the recipe.

It can be presented in a variety of ways. Below are a few examples to get you started. In these examples, we’re using black beans and spinach as the focus.

Example 1 

“I’m using this recipe because it has black beans, which have 15 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein per cup. Fiber helps you stay full longer and protein is great for building muscles and repairing injuries. Spinach is also in my recipe. I don’t normally like it, but I do in my recipe because it taste great and has magnesium, which is great for helping me calm down when I feel stressed.

Example 2

“Today, I’m cooking with black beans, which have 15 grams of fiber and 15 grams protein per cup. Fiber is great because it helps you stay regular in the bathroom and lowers cholesterol.  I’m also using spinach, which has magnesium, which gives you a lot of energy and also helps you become less stressed.

Example 3

“Spinach is my favorite healthy ingredient in this recipe because studies show that it can increase energy, fight depression and helps lower blood pressure. The reason why it does this is because of its high level of magnesium. It’s important to me because I play hockey and use up a lot of energy. This recipe is a great snack after my workouts.

Although most will be recorded in a kitchen, you can also cook on a table. Just remember to remove all distractions and extra people from the background. Limit and turn off distracting noises. 

Yes, cooking outside may be an option. Test the lightning before you set up to be sure its not too sunny and bright…or loud. Also, ensure that your voice is heard well on your video.

Sure –

1 – Your kid

2 – The ingredients

3 – #BossKidsCook INTRODUCTION sign and optional #BossKidsCook NUTRITION sign

4 – Your kid must share at least 2 nutrition tips about their recipe

Do NOT add music to your video. Do ensure that your child’s voice is clearly heard and you have no other noises in the background.

We recommend shooting your video during the day. Near a window if possible, and if you have LED or ring lights, you can use those too! 

Remember to do a test to check to see how the video will look before doing a complete set up. Different times of the day will make a difference. Take note when the kitchen area has the best lighting.

Before we jump into editing, we want to share a couple of important reminders:

  1. – Shoot your video in LANDSCAPE mode (Horizontal). Review your #Boss Guide for additional instructions. If you’ve lost your guide, you can download another one here:
  2. – You must hold up the #BossKidsCook sign in the beginning of your video.


  • ONLY edit or crop components of the video that you do not want us to show. 
  • DO NOT add words, music or captions to your video. Only exception to that rule is if your child says an incorrect ingredient or nutrition fact and you want to correct it. Please limit this to ONE correction per video. If there are two or more, please reshoot the video.
  • Again, do NOT add any music when submitting your video.

Upload the recipe ( and once it’s been approved, we’ll send you an email with the badge and promotion tips.

Yes – please visit: for links to the #BossKidsCook closed member-only group.

View a sample of what your final video will look like AFTER it’s been edited, here.

They will receive a #BossKidsCook Badge and have the opportunity to be featured on our homepage, our social media pages, and as a #Boss kid of the week. As the program grows we will introduce prizes, contests and incentives.

Certainly! The more you create, the more kids can learn.