How To Build Your Confidence And Leadership Skills In and Out Of The Kitchen

Even if you’re super experienced with cooking and can craft together the most amazing dishes, you won’t be able to reach your full potential as a #BossKidsCook leader if you lack confidence. Not to worry, confidence gets easier with practice. We’ve listed a few tips below that will help you build the skills needed to become confident in the kitchen.


1. Stand up tall.  Did you know that good posture improves self confidence and increases energy levels? It’s true! It’s even been proven in studies. So, why not try this technique out for yourself? Not only in the kitchen, but all day long!


2. Know that your voice matters. Even though you may be young, that doesn’t mean you don’t have important things to say. Your thoughts and ideas matter to the world, so it would be a shame to keep them to yourself!


3. Be a goal setter. People who set goals for themselves are leaders in their communities. A key component to goal setting is writing them down and making a plan for how you will achieve them. For example, maybe your goal is to eat 3 servings of vegetables each day. How will you reach that goal? Well, for starters, you will have to go to the grocery. Then, you’ll need to find fun and delicious ways to squeeze those veggies into your day. 

Another example of a goal might be to move your grade in school from a B to an A. How will you do that? You’ll have to set aside extra time to study, take better notes, ask someone for help when you don’t understand something, and make sure you complete all of your homework. The list of goals you can set for yourself goes on and on! 


4. Speak kindly to yourself. Don’t forget to pump yourself up each day! This means saying and thinking uplifting things about yourself and others. Write down a few things each day that you’re grateful for. Make a list of things you love about yourself and read that list any time you’re feeling down. If you’re really struggling in this area, post your list on your wall and read it every morning and evening. Eventually, you’ll have it memorized and increased confidence will come naturally!


5. Be a go-getter. Remember that nothing is too big for you to accomplish if you set your mind to it. This requires “resilience”. Resilience means that you never give up. When you get knocked down, you get back up and try again until you succeed!  


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