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Congratulations! Your school is officially a 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge Partner! Please bookmark this page. It contains important links and resources to help you host the challenge at your school.

We’re confident that you’re students will love learning more about cooking and applying their knowledge at home and at school! Although the program is simple, we’ve added a lot of fun resources to help bring cooking to life in your classroom. Thank you for allowing us to help you inspire kids to become healthy food ambassadors.

What Parents See At Home
After your students’ parents create an account at home, they will receive activities and resources that correspond to your schools’ activities. Feel free to navigate these links to get a glimpse.

Day 1 Activities – Kitchen Safety
Day 2 Activities – Healthy Ingredient Substitutions
Day 3 Activities – Healthy Snacks
Day 4 Activities – Fast Food Makeovers
Day 5 Activities – A Healthier Lunchbox
Day 6 Activities – Healthy Learning
Day 7 Activities – Creative Cooking

Curriculum Support  – Videos for the Classroom

VIDEO: LABOR DAY (September)– 3-4 minutes       Good for: May
Highlights: A discussion about Labor Day, highlighting school lunch workers, dietitians, chefs, and other important workers, showing what they are doing to help us eat healthier

VIDEO: TRICK OR TREAT  – 4 minutes         Good for: October
Highlights: An investigation into what’s in candy. Showing a kid reading labels in the store and discussing how too much sugar makes our brains go crazy! Then demonstrating strategies on how kids can eat healthier during trick-or-treat season.

VIDEO: HOLIDAY HEALTH – 5 minutes       Good For: July, November, December
Highlights: An interview with youth champions from Action for Healthy Kids and Healthy Little Cooks talking about why eating healthy over the holiday is important to him/her. Then showing amazing holiday substitutions and special tips on how kids can help their parents prepare healthier dishes.

VIDEO: HEART HEALTH MONTH & VALENTINES DAY– 4 minutes        Good For: February
Highlights: An interview with a Cardiologist explaining how the heart works and what essential nutrients we need. Then highlight a few healthy foods that contain those foods. Do a cooking demo that uses those nutrients.

Curriculum Support – Handouts/Download

7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge 2014 Download – This is the Golden Ticket for students. 

Flyer for Parents:  Download this flyer to get parents excited about the 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge

Cooking With the Family: Special tips on how parents and kids can work together in and outside of the kitchen to prepare healthy food to fuel the body.

Trick or Treat Season: Special recipes and healthy treats for the season and additional activities that students can do with the 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge

Eating for Holidays: Special Holiday Recipes and activities to help their families cook healthier during the season

Valentines Day & Heart Healthy Foods: Special valentines and heart healthy foods and recipes

Healthy Kids Cook-Off

Encourage your students to show off their new cooking skills with the world. This fun video shows them how to participate in the Healthy Kids Cook-Off.

VIDEO: HEALTHY KIDS COOK-OFF  – 4 minutes       Good For: Sep-March
Highlights: A video showing kids how they can get involved in the Healthy Kids Cook-off with the 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge. This video will get kids excited about creating their own healthy recipes using the nutrition education they’ve learned in school and explain how to enter the cook-off.
Handout/Download: Entry Form for the cook-off and recipes of previous winners

For Teachers – How to Host a Healthy Holiday/Cooking Class within IOM Guidelines

Video: HEALTHY HOLIDAY PARTY – 5 minutes – *** for Teachers      Good For: Sep-March
Highlights: An instructional video and tips on how teachers can host a healthy a cooking class, while supporting IOM Nutrition Standards.
Handout/Download: Healthy Cooking Class Guide & Tips

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