Kid Ambassador Youth Leadership Program


Every Kid Can Cook Kid Ambassador Program

The Kid Ambassador Program is a nutrition leadership program for Elementary and Middle School students all around the nation. The program empowers students to teach their peers about the mental, physical and psychological benefits of eating healthy.

Students in the program will participate in a 2-3-hour long peer-led activity each month that will be facilitated by one staff or PTA member and that will serve to help existing programs, events or classroom lesson plans.

Kid Ambassador Program Benefits

Foster Leadership Skills

Peer-led activities


Groups activities

Engagement in school

Engagement in community

Increase Nutrition Knowledge

Hands-on food preparation – no heat, electricity, water or equipment

Hands-on easy and quick indoor growing activity

Age appropriate nutrition lessons

Promote Mental Wellbeing

Fun and easy mindfulness activities

Interactive food and mental health lessons

Exposure to healthy foods


OUR AIM: Help schools empower students’ to improve their eating habits thereby improving their mood overall health and school performance.