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Boss Kids Cook helps youth use media to educate and inspire their peers to eat and, cook healthier.

Help your kid become a Healthy Boss in the kitchen.

How It Works.

  1. Sign up to get your #BossKidsCook “7-Steps to Becoming a Leader in the Kitchen”.
  2. Create a healthy recipe.
  3. Research nutrition facts about your recipe.
  4. Shoot a video sharing the nutrition facts and demoing your recipe.
  5. Submit your recipe and video.
  6. Receive your #BossKidsCook Badge.

What is a #BossKidsCook Recipe?

  1. It’s created by kids (grown-up help is permitted).
  2. Contains a minimum of 1 fruit or vegetable.
  3. Has 2 nutrition tips shared by the #BossKidsCook chef.
  4. Avoids trans-fats, artificial colorings, and large quantities of sugar.
  5. Can brag about being “healthy” or a “healthier version” of a traditional recipe using healthy substitutions.


Become a Boss in the Kitchen

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