#BossKidsCook Final Video (Example)

This is what your final video will look like once we’ve edited it. 

Submit your FULL VIDEO. You are not required to submit an edited video.

  1. #BossKidsCook recipes must be created by kids (grown-up recipe development assistance is permitted).
  2. Recipes must contain a minimum of 1 fruit or vegetable.
  3. All kid(s) must be able to cook their recipe without assistance of an adult.
  4. Avoid trans-fats, artificial colorings, and large quantities of sugar
  5. Is considered “Healthy” or a “healthier version” of a traditional recipe, focusing on healthy substitutions.
  6. CLICK HERE to search healthy food facts and nutrition tips on our website.


Special Note:  Cooking should be fun! Don’t worry about creating the “perfect” recipe. Just create a delicious one. No recipe is too easy ! If you’re new, start with smoothies, your favorite healthy sandwich, or snack. Cook according to your age, tastebuds and experience. There are other kids just like you waiting to learn how to cook new healthy recipes.

  1. Hold up your #BossKidsCook sign and share 2 nutrition facts in the beginning of your recipe.
  2. Keep video between 3-5 minutes in length
  3. Kids must cook by themselves or with a sibling or friend. Parents can “quietly” coach from behind the camera.
  4. Ensure you have good lighting. We recommend filming during the day.
  5. Minimize outside noises. We want to hear the #Boss as she/she is speaking on camera.


Special Note:  Be yourself and have fun. Don’t freak out about being perfect, just do your best!

  1. Post video on your personal YouTube channel 
  2. Tag with #BossKidsCook in the title of the video and #EveryKidCanCook
  3. Make video public for us to see
  4. Share your recipe on our website HERE with a link to your video.
  5. Once your video has been approved you’ll receive your #BossKidsCook Badge
  6. Congratulations Boss! Now you can start creating you next video.


Special Note:  Don’t stop with one video. You can create as many as you’d like.

Ready to be a Boss Kids Cook?

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