Top 10 Cute Ideas to Teach Kids to Play with Their Food

How many times have you told your kids to stop playing with their food and to just eat it. With these ideas, you can encourage them to do both! Here are some fun food ideas that do just that. Encourage your kids to get hands-on with these ideas:


1. Ants-on-a-Log: Spread peanut butter on celery sticks. Place raisins in the peanut butter.


2. Cookie cutter melon shapes: Use any kind of cookie cutter on any kind of melon.


3. Cookie cutter pancake shapes: Pour pancake batter into the center of  metal cookie cutters placed directly on skillet.

4. Edible rainbow fruit plate: Create using fruits of different colors and arrange on plate in a rainbow arch shape.


5. Create funny faces: On circular whole wheat crackers or bread, use cheese and veggies to create funny faces.

6. Tuna fish-shaped sandwiches: Create a fish-shape by cutting out a circle for the body and ½ circle for the tail.


7. Peanut butter & apple butterflies: Take 4 slices of apples, spread peanut butter on the tops. With 2 thin carrots in the middle, arrange the 4 apple slices on both sides of the carrots with the apple slices acting as butterfly wings.


8. Fruit kabobs: Thread various fruits on kabob sticks.


9. Sandwich-on-a-stick: Thread sandwich items (whole wheat bread cubes, pickles, meat slices, cheese cubes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes) onto kabob sticks.


10. Sunny-side sun eggs: Prepare sunny side up eggs. Place on plate. Put thin rectangular cheese around the egg to create a sun. Serve with whole wheat toast. Use cookie cutter on the toast to create fun shapes.