“Sweet” Activity: How to Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day celebrations often include deliciously sweet treats like candy and chocolates. While we definitely love the traditional delicacies of this holiday (hello, Reese’s Hearts!), we thought it would be fun to show you our favorite homemade Valentine’s Day treats. The following confectionaries are not only nutritious, but they’re sure to be a hit amongst your whole family, too!


DIY “Fruit Roll Ups” 

Who doesn’t love fruit roll ups?! The only problem is…. the traditional version of this snack doesn’t contain much nutrition. Click here to find our version, which is packed with vitamins and fiber!


Chocolate with a Twist

Place dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and melt it in the microwave. Make sure you take this part slow, stirring the chocolate often. Once it’s completely liquified, stir in fun mix-in’s, like dried fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, or nut butter. Once you’ve made your additions, pour the mixture into a glass dish or rimmed baking sheet (lined with parchment paper). Allow the mixture to cool. Once you’ve done this, ask an adult for help cutting the chocolate into individual pieces to share!


Fruit and Fondue

Get to chopping for this fun Valentine’s Day treat. Grab an assortment of your favorite fruits (apples, bananas, and grapes all make good, easy options!) and chop them into bite size pieces. Put the pieces on tooth picks and dip away in a rich, flavorful sauce. Though chocolate is typically used for dessert fondue, honey mixed with cinnamon or whipped coconut milk also make terrific and delicious dipping options.


Hot Chocolate Smoothie

In most parts of the country, it’s still quite cold outside in February. And even if not, who doesn’t enjoy a rich cup of hot chocolate?! This recipe is lower in added sugars and higher in fiber than the regular version of hot chocolate. Yet, it’s still absolutely delicious!


Fruit Pizza

This “dessert” pizza includes lots of fiber from fresh fruit and it’s whole wheat crust. It’s banana sauce adds a sweet flavor without tons of added sugar and preservatives from regular frosting. This is the perfect treat to take to a Valentine’s Day party. Check it out by clicking here!


Have a happy, healthy, and tasty Valentine’s Day!