Brrr! Five Freezer Friendly Snacks to Stock Your Kitchen With

When you’re feeling extra hungry and searching the kitchen for anything to quickly fill your belly, it’s easy to opt for junk food. While junk food seems like an easy fix to resolve your hunger pangs, and is certainly okay every once in awhile, it won’t do much for you energy wise. Sugary and processed foods don’t usually do the trick in curing our hunger. Solve this dilemma by keeping healthy and fueling snacks on hand, ready to grab out of the freezer. This will just take a bit of (fun) prep work! Spend an afternoon cooking with an adult so you can fill your kitchen with these freezer friendly snacks!


1. Ready To-Go Smoothies. Smoothies are a terrific way to pack a host of nutritious foods into a single glass. You can have a smoothie ready at a moment’s notice in one of two ways. First, you can prep ingredients and store them in individual baggies to toss into the blender. Secondly, you can go ahead and blend your smoothie, store it in re-sealable squeeze pouches, and defrost it when you’re ready for it. If you choose this method, don’t forget to stir up your smoothie before enjoying it!


2. Egg Cups. Whisk together eggs, chopped veggies, chopped meat (optional), and shredded cheese. Bake in a greased muffin pan at 400 degrees until firm. Defrost one whenever you need a protein filled snack or meal.


3. Healthy Muffins. If you’re after something sweet that will actually fill you up and give you energy, look no further than these blueberry oatmeal bars ( Store in an airtight container for the best results.


4. Black Bean Brrrr-ito. When the craving for Mexican food hits, there’s no reason to hit the drive through, because you have this awesome recipe: Pack a whole grain tortilla with black beans, shredded cheese, and chopped avocado. Roll it up nice and tight, then place it in a freezer friendly container/bag. When you’re ready to eat it, heat it in the oven or microwave!


5. Fruit Juice Popsicles. Need a refreshing treat that’s fun to share with friends? Pour 100% fruit juice with no added sugar into popsicle molds and stick them in the freezer. Fruit puree also works well for homemade popsicles!


If you try out these fun, summer, freezer friendly snacks, make sure to share them with us on our Facebook page! Happy freezing!