Springtime Lunchbox Makeover

Something about the warmer weather and blooming flowers inspires people to refresh everything from their gardens to their wardrobes. Don’t let your lunchbox be left out of this seasonal upgrade! Instead of the same old boring lunchbox fillers, get inspired by these makeover tips that will get you in the springtime mood! 


1. Be a Pro. Be a lunchbox pro by making PROduce and PROtein the stars of your lunch. By focusing on produce like fresh fruit and veggies and proteins like organic meats, eggs, nuts, and seeds, you’re sure to have a lunch full of healthy fuel to make it through the school day.


2. Think Outside the Sandwich. While sandwiches are a tasty and healthy meal option (depending on how you make them), it’s easy to rely on them for a go-to lunch. The problem with this is that it holds us back from getting creative and trying other foods! Make a commitment to pack something other than a sandwich at least a few days per week. For non-sandwich lunch ideas, check out these recipes.


3. Add Insulation. Adding a hot or cold pack to your lunchbox is a simple way to significantly expand your meal options. A hot or cold pack will allow your food to stay at your preferred temperature until it’s time to eat, so you can pack anything from fruits and veggies to a thermos of soup or healthy mac and cheese! For best results, say bye-bye to the brown bag and choose an insulated lunch bag instead.


4. Break the Rules. Who says lunchboxes can only be filled with conventional lunch foods? Take some of last nights delicious leftovers to lunch the next day. Or, fill your lunch box with breakfast classics! If you freeze your favorite breakfast smoothie, it should be thawed just in time for lunch!


5. Go Bento. You don’t have to have a special lunchbox to eat bento style. We often fill lunch boxes with around three options, but to make your lunchbox bento, fill multiple small containers with lots of different foods (kind of like a sampler!). Try a boiled egg, roasted nuts, fruit slices, raw vegetables, and chia pudding for a lunch that will keep your taste buds satisfied!