Make Your Own Salsa

Ready for a fun project that you can eat? We thought so! Making your own salsa doesn’t involve any cooking, so it’s the perfect activity for little ones to participate in. What’s even better is the nutritious nature of this yummy snack!


Ingredients: The ingredients below will provide you with a basic recipe to follow. Feel free to adjust to the tastes of your kiddos.


·         2 whole tomatoes, diced

·         1 small onion, finely diced

·         1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced

·         2-4 tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped

·         1 bell pepper, chopped

·         ½ tsp. salt

·         1 tsp. minced garlic OR 1 ½ tsp. dried garlic powder

·         Juice of one lime

**Optional (but tasty!) ingredients: ½ cup chopped pineapple, ¾ cup black beans, ½ cup corn, ½ cup diced peaches


Instructions: Depending on the age of your children, and your preferences for the texture of your salsa, choose which method of preparation best suits you. 


1. Wash and dry all ingredients.


2. Chop and dice ingredients. Kitchen shears can be helpful for kids who are not yet old enough to use knives. For kids not old enough for kitchen shears, tearing herbs is a perfect task to keep little hands engaged.


Roughly cut up ingredients to fit into a food processor/blender and puree until a fine consistency is reached.


3. Pour salsa mixture in a bowl and serve with carrot slices, sliced cucumbers, or whole grain crackers/tortilla chips. This salsa is also delicious on top of baked chicken or fish. Let your kids brainstorm ways they might like to enjoy the fresh salsa they just made!


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