Make Your Own Refreshing Soda

The health risks associated with high sugar diets have been well studied. These risks include high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and inflammation. Sugar seems to be an ingredient in most of the beverages our kids crave, so we thought it would be interesting to show you how to craft your own healthier sodas at home. This activity will help your family cut back on their sugar consumption and have fun in the process!


It turns out it’s easier than you may think to mix up your own sodas. Best of all, it’s easy to involve your children in making these fizzy treats. While special machines are available to do the work for you, you and your kids can easily make your own in just a few minutes.


Ingredients You’ll Need:


  • Club Soda – be careful not to select a similar option by accident (like tonic water), because it may contain added sugar, flavors, or sweeteners.


  • Flavor Choices – fruit (depending on which method you choose, below), 100% fruit juice, herbs, essential oils


What To DoUsing the club soda as your base, choose one of the following methods to mix up your healthy homemade soda.


  • Add one part 100% fruit juice to three parts club soda. Pomegranate juice makes a good choice because its strong flavor makes a little go a long way.


  • Squeeze in fresh citrus fruits (like oranges, limes, and lemons) for a refreshing taste and added dose of vitamin C.


  • If you have one, use a fruit infuser to infuse the flavors of fresh berries to the carbonated water.


  • Add a couple drops of food grade essential oils to your soda for added flavor without any chemicals.


  • Add fresh herbs, like mint, for a more exotic twist. Even better, get a mint plant to grow and care for with your child, and you’ll have mint for a refreshing soda any time.


Did you try out any of these simple, homemade sodas? Maybe you even came up with your own recipe. Show us on our Facebook page!