Every Kid Can Cook Kid Ambassador Program

EKCC Ambassador Program is an opportunity for kids ages 5-17 teach other kids how to cook healthy. Every Kid Can Cook is a
501(c)3 non-profit program, focused on teaching kids in Title 1 schools and families in fragile communities how to cook healthy.


EKCC Kid Ambassador Program DETAILS

Application Below! 

Since 2010, Healthy Little Cooks has taught over 15,000 kids how to cook healthy and we’re seeking Kid Ambassadors to teach and promote healthy cooking in their neighborhood and community. Though our Every Kid Can Cook program, EKCC Kid Ambassadors are kids ages 7-16 (along with the help of their parents) who love to cook, want to help other kids learn about eating healthy, have contagious personalities and participate in national monthly EKCC virtual meetings and training programs. EKCC Ambassadors will represent their own state/community!

Kid Ambassadors Must Be: 

  • Between the ages of 5-17 yrs. old
  • Passionate about healthy cooking, nutrition.
  • Have at least one (1) supportive parent/guardian!

Kid Ambassador Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Host at least eight (8) cooking demonstrations and one (1) hands-on cooking class or creative cooking event in your community.
  • Be available for media interviews and promotional opportunities in your community.
  • Develop 1 new recipe per month that represents you and your culinary passions, culture or community. Each recipe must include an original photo. Supporting video “how-to” demonstration or recipe tips are encouraged, but not a requirement.
  • Participate and occasionally co-lead monthly Ambassador conference calls.
  • Commit to fulfill all EKCC Kid Ambassador requirements for 12-months (minimum).

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Support Kid Ambassadors in all EKCC duties
  • Get sign ups or surveys at cooking events (when needed)
  • Take photos of Ambassador’s cooking demos and events
  • Gather release forms (when needed)
  • Email photos & event summaries to EKCC Team (older Ambassadors can do this as well!)

Financial Obligations:

  • Participating parents/guardians will undergo a background check. One-time fee of $30-40. Must be completed for each person supervising/assisting Kid Ambassador.
  • Cooking Demonstration Food: $25-30 per cooking demo (x8 per year = $240/year) – average cost of $25/month
  • Gas, Driving Time and Tolls – Varies. Cooking demonstrations should be within a 15-60 minute radius/drive from your home. You have the flexibility to select where/when you cook!
  • Annual Conference – purchase flight or transportation to attend Annual EKCC Conference.

Kid Ambassadors receive: 

  • Premium McCormick Spice rack.
  • EKCC Cooking Essentials Pack (apron, cooking essentials, disposables, recipes)
  • EKCC promotion materials
  • New recipes each month.
  • Ongoing training and support.


If you have someone in mind for a culinary mentor for your child, please have that person visit our Culinary Mentor Page & fill out that application!

Ready to lead and inspire kids in your community to cook healthy? Apply Below!


Please, Email Us and an EKCC Representative will follow up with you!