Healthy Eating

How-To Guide: Making Your Own Grab-N-Go Healthy Snacks

Whether you pack or buy your lunch during the school year, there’s probably a scheduled time and place that your class eats. On summer break, this routine is usually interrupted and meal times are less structured. You might even find yourself snacking at random times throughout the day. Set yourself up for summer snacking success by getting your parents permission to create your own grab-n-go healthy snack stash. Once your snack stash is complete, you’ll always have nutritious and delicious snacks on hand when hunger strikes!

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Wacky Flavor Combinations That are Totally Tasty and Healthy!

Some foods naturally make great partners. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal, etc. Pairings like these are legendary for how great they taste together, but did you know there are many pairings that aren’t as well known, but are just as delicious? These combos may sound a little wacky to you at first, but give them a try! We’re certain some of these crazy combos will be your new favorites!

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Don’t Be Duped: Learning to Spot Junk Food Disguised as Healthy Choices

It’s not always easy being a kid. You aren’t big enough to do all the things you want to do, you have more homework than you know what to do with, and to top it all off, junk food companies often try to trick you into believing their foods are healthy! That’s right, in efforts to get you and your parents to buy their products, companies use bright colors and tricky language to get you to believe their products are healthier than they really are. Thankfully, you’re a smart little cook who can’t be duped. Watch out for these junk foods disguised as nutritious choices. 

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