5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat More Salad

Isn’t it odd how salad entrees are usually only listed on the adult menu at restaurants? The kids menu is typically filled with items like chicken tenders and mac and cheese. It’s no question that little ones enjoy those foods, but who said they can’t enjoy a nutrient packed salad as a part of their meal, too? Salads are filled to the brim with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So why limit this meal to just adults? Here are some ways in which you can make salad more appealing to your kiddos.


Make It Colorful – Although the base of your salad is most likely leafy greens, it doesn’t have to end there! Make this dish more appealing to little ones by adding color to the plate. Toppings like chopped carrots, tomatoes, olives, avocado, and cucumbers work great for veggie based salads. If you’re going for something a little more sweet, toss in some chopped apples, orange slices, dried cranberries, and grapes!


Use Fun Toppings – While chopped fruits and veggies make for great salad toppers, don’t be afraid to get creative with this one! Using familiar kid foods (like goldfish crackers, shredded cheese, or tortilla strips) might entice them a little more. Don’t be discouraged if they dig around the rest of the salad and only eat the “fun” toppings. Over time, the more familiar they become with this dish, the more likely they are to try the other components, too!


Make It Bite Sized – This one is especially important if your kids are younger. If they’re used to eating bite sized food that’s been pre-chopped on their plates (i.e. chicken, carrot sticks, etc.), then eating salad might come as a challenge. Make it easier for them by chopping up their salad into really fine pieces. If it’s chopped finely enough, they may even be able to eat it using a spoon.


Serve It Deconstructed – Piggybacking off the above point, it’s important that we don’t let the difficulty of maneuvering the fork keep our kids from eating salad. To avoid this, feel free to serve their salad “deconstructed”. This just means their salad doesn’t have to be all mixed up in a bowl like ours. Try serving each component of the salad separately. Your child can pick up each item by itself and dip it into the dressing instead!


Let Them Decide – A fun way to get your kids excited about eating salad is to let them build their own. Make a salad bar in your own kitchen by setting out a variety of toppings for them to choose from. Start with a leafy green base, and allow them to go down the salad bar line, adding whichever toppings look best to them!


How do you get your kids to eat salad? Share your tips with us on our Facebook page! Also, don’t forget to check out these kid-created salad recipes: 


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