April 2015

May I Take Your Order? Creating Your Own Pretend Restaurant at Home

Going out to eat can be lots of fun! Fancy menus, waiters tending to your requests, and much more all combine to make it a blast to go out to eat with your friends and family. Guess what! You don’t have to wait till the next time your parents want to go out to eat to have all that fun; you can create your own pretend restaurant right at home, using things you already have laying around the house!

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Cook with Tempeh: Nutrition, Tips & Food Facts

Food Facts

What is tempeh, you ask? Well, if you were living in Indonesia, you might be buying a block of it wrapped in a banana leaf from a street vendor. Maybe your family would have a secret tempeh recipe handed down from one generation to the next. Tempeh is a soy product made from fermented soybeans, similar to tofu. It’s produced by a culturing and fermentation process, which binds soybeans into a cake-like form. Tempeh has an earthy, nutty flavor and a firm texture. 

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Copycat Chef Experiment: Duplicate (or Improve!) Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes

Everyone loves dining out. Eating at restaurants is a great way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy yummy food! While it’s fun to eat out, restaurant fare can sometimes be expensive, might not be allergy friendly, and may not always offer healthy options. And, what if you get a craving for a restaurant favorite when you’re not able to go!? Not to worry. This blog post is all about recreating restaurant favorites at home. 

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Cook With Whole Wheat Tortillas: Nutrition, Tips & Silly Food Facts

Silly Food Fact

Due to the lack of gravity in space, a sandwich made with bread would result in crumbs floating around the spacecraft (which could damage the equipment and, not to mention, be pretty messy!). So instead, astronauts use tortillas for their sandwich wraps. The classic flatbread tortilla has been enjoyed in Central America for thousands of years, but did you know the name “tortilla” means “little cake” in Spanish? Now, they’re enjoyed all over the world in various types of dishes! 

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Dairy Free Taste Test: How to Set Up Your Own Milk Alternative Taste Test

Whether you have a milk allergy, are lactose intolerant, or avoid cows milk for other reasons, we’re here to help you find a suitable replacement. Thankfully, there are tons of dairy free milk alternatives these days… you just need to find your favorite! A fun way to do that is to conduct a taste test. Below, we’ve listed and described lots of different milk alternatives that you might want to include in your taste test. After learning more about each one, continue reading to find the instructions for this fun family activity! 

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Cook With Beets: Nutrition, Tips & Fun Food Facts

Fun Food Facts

A natural compound found in beets, called betacyanin, is what produces it’s deep, red color. Because of it’s beautiful color, beets have been used in anything from hair dye to ice cream. Talk about versatility! You might be surprised to learn that beets also come in white and yellow varieties. They’re hugely important as a commercial crop in the production of white sugar. Considering that fact, it makes sense why early American colonists used beets to create cake frosting! 

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Cook With Eggs: Nutrition, Tips & Fun Food Facts

Fun Food Fact

Did you know that the key difference between brown and white eggs is the size of the hen they come from? Larger hens lay brown eggs, while the smaller ones lay white! But, have you ever seen a blue chicken egg? Well, hundreds of years ago a virus infected a species of chickens in South America. This resulted in a gene mutation that produced a pigment called biliverdin, which causes some chickens to lay blue eggs!

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