December 2014

Holiday Activity: Homemade Treats to Share with Neighbors

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s important that we remember to take time to spread cheer to those around us. Whether that be your neighbor, classmate, co-worker, or even a stranger, giving fresh baked holiday treats is a great way to spread the love. The 3 homemade treat ideas below are sure to be a hit with anyone that receives them: 

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How To Avoid Sugar Overload During The Holiday Season

Does it ever feel like October through December is just one big sugar fest? From trick or treating to holiday parties, there’s certainly no shortage of candy and sweets during this time. And while it’s 100% okay for you and your family to enjoy these festive treats in moderation, we wanted to provide some guidance on how to avoid a sugar overload.


So, what’s a health conscious parent to do at a time like this? You don’t want to deprive your children of the joy that holiday treats bring, but you also don’t want to see their blood sugar spike through the roof day in and day out. Try out these helpful tactics for maintaining balance and moderation this season:

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Five Simple Switches For Healthier Plates

You want your family to be healthy, and you know a key component of that is through quality nutrition. But sometimes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there. It might seem like a daunting task. Rest assured, there’s no reason to overhaul your families eating habits overnight. These simple switches will help get you started towards building healthier plates for you and your family. 

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Activity- Snack on a String

Holiday season means lots of fun activities and special traditions. For many families one of these events is a family movie night. For others it is driving around to look at lights or long car trips to see loved ones Regardless of what your holiday season includes, it likely includes plenty of snacks!

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Cook With Bing Cherries: Nutrition, Tips & Silly Food Facts

Silly Food Fact

The Bing is the #1 cherry in the U.S. We know its dark red color and superb burst of flavor, but why is it called Bing? The story starts with pioneer Samuel Lewelling on the Oregon Trail in 1847. He traveled with 700 fruit trees in his wagon. Half the trees survived to start an orchard where Lewelling and his Chinese foreman, Ah Bing, experimented with new cherry varieties. One of these yielded huge, beautiful cherries—named, of course, to honor the foreman. Today, Washington state is the largest cherry producer, and cherry season peaks each July.

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