10 Fun Ways to Eat Strawberries

May is National Strawberry Month, and to celebrate, Every Kid Can Cook wants to share all the fun ways to enjoy strawberries. With the help of an adult, make sure to click on each link below to find the recipes! Of course, this list doesn’t include all of the ways you can consume this delicious fruit. So, feel free to get creative and come up with some of your own strawberry concoctions, too!


1. On Top Of Oatmeal


 2. With Whipped Cream – no recipe required for this simple dessert! Just scoop some whipped cream out into a small bowl, wash and slice some fresh strawberries, and get to dipping!


 3. On Toast


 4. In Salsa Recipes


 5. As a Syrup Substitute (For Pancakes/Waffles) – this idea doesn’t necessarily require a recipe. Just simply mash up some fresh strawberries (with a fork or food processor) and use as a pancake or waffle topping!


6. As a Jam/Jelly Substitute (For PB&J) – using the same preparation method described above, you can also use mashed strawberries as a jam or jelly substitute on your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! This is a great way to cut back on refined sugar and increase your fiber intake.


7. As a Frozen Treat – freeze your own or buy them already frozen. We think frozen strawberries taste like popsicles!


8. In Homemade Milkshakes/Smoothies


9. As Sherbert 


10. By Themselves! – Need we say more?